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With Key Notes On Travel, benefit from ongoing access to career development insight and strategies from today’s most in-demand thought leaders, and be part of an engaging and supportive community, catered specifically to travel advisors.



A New & Uniquely Powerful Approach
to Selling More Travel

The role of the modern day travel adviser is offering value to clients by going above and beyond for every single booking. You're expected to offer quality service, manage your own marketing and invoicing, all while staying on top of product training.

How is it possible to balance so many priorities, all at one time?

Additionally, you have clients who protest service fees; who demand extra time and resources only to book elsewhere; and who pressure you for bigger discounts, without understanding how hard you're working for them.

Most travel advisors believe that this is the nature of the job, and there is rarely the opportunity to step back and determine how to be more effective in your work.

Truth is, improving skills like time management, loyalty-building, and dealing with difficult people will lead you to increased sales. Key Notes On Travel is the answer, designed for the professional and business development of travel advisors. Invest one hour per month, with ongoing group discussion and support, and you’ll be on your way to career growth. 

By arming yourself with relevant strategies, tactics and thought processes that touch on everyday stressors, there will no doubt be a long-term pay off...and you, and your clients, will reap the rewards.


Included in KNOT membership:

Key Notes On Travel
 provides travel advisors with access to the career-changing thoughts and ideas that are typically reserved for top performers, executives and management. 

Your membership is only $10 a month and includes:

The quarterly Key Notes On Travel magazine offers more in-depth career development info, and deeper dives into industry issues.


Access to today’s top thinkers via a live online presentations and with Q&A opportunity at the end. Each topic will be covered over the course of three months to allow for more in-depth coverage, time to implement suggested strategies, and opportunity to seek and provide insight from and to other members.

Support and be supported in a private forum that will moderated by Key Notes On Travel. Travel advisors will have a private place to discuss the presentations, brainstorm applications, and to share what’s working and what isn’t. 

Unprecedented access to these speakers via follow up sessions. For their third appearance, the speaker will spend the hour responding to your questions, comments and situations.

 Three reasons this crucial element will help take your sales to the next level:

1.   We always think of the best things to say after the conversation is over!  Now, you'll have an opportunity to do something about it.

2.   Presentation attendees rarely have access to speakers again – to discuss the implementation of their strategies, or to ask for clarification on their ideas.

3.   You should have the power to direct the follow-up. For too long, the industry has dictated what you should know – and what you should want to know – usually without your consultation. We want you to have a voice in implementing and discussing these new ideas.


Call us idealistic, but the more travel advisors who choose to grow, the more it will elevate the entire industry – and the consumer's perception of it.


Tens of thousands of people have paid premium rates to access today’s top thought leaders.

But YOU don't have to!


Don’t miss out on this opportunity to explore their insights and ideas, and to be part of the discussion and follow-up. We look forward welcoming you into the Key Notes On Travel world!


Frequently asked questions

Where did this idea come from?

Key Notes On Travel started with being inspired by amazing speakers at conferences and wishing that our colleagues could have seen them too. We struggle to put in place what we’ve learned because there’s no way to follow up for clarification or support. In most cases, only a select few travel advisors can attend a conference, which means many never enjoy access to these valuable insights. 

Giving more people access to the ideas that these speakers offer, along with continued follow up and support, means all members will grow. 


How often will the presentations be? 

There will be at least one presentation and two follow up sessions per quarter.


What topics do you cover? 

Topics will complement the product education training given by suppliers, and sales training provided by your agency/network. They will include items such as:

Series 1From Handshake to Hashtag: Selling to Different Generations with Phil Gwoke (Sep - Nov 2018)

Series 2Authentically Social - Because people don't hire a travel advisor, they hire YOU with Corey Perlman (Nov 2018 - Jan 2019)

Series 3Attention Pays - Harnessing the Power of Attention and Absolute Focus with Neen James. (Feb - April 2019)

Series 4Communicating For Success: Turning Difficult Conversations into Happy Client Calls with Charmaine Hammond. (May - July 2019)

Series 5: Creating a Sales-Focused Travel Business with Dan Chappelle, aka "The Wealthy Travel Agent." (August - October 2019)

This is your program, and we’re committed to tailoring it to you. Have a speaker suggestion? Let us know! Does a specific speaker resonate with our membership? We’ll bring them back to delve further into their topic!

This is your group.  When members are happy, we will be too.


How will I access the presentations? 

Presentations will be live online and are available to Key Notes On Travel members only. They will be hosted on a set day each month, so you can keep them slotted in your calendar. Attendees will be able to ask questions at the end by typing them in chat-style format.


What if I miss the live presentation? 

Not to worry! Recordings of each presentation are available for members to access whenever they want. Not only can you catch-up on what you missed, you can re-watch your favourites again and again.


Why is there a cost?

We want to attract travel advisors who want to grow their book of business; those who want to evolve as entrepreneurs and business professionals, and who want to engage with, and support, their peers. Free programs lose their value in the eyes of those who receive it. We have set the pricing so it’s accessible to all, and to attract members who want to be active participants.

Note: Check with your agency/host network to see if they have negotiated a lower rate for the program.


How does payment work?

Payment will be taken from your credit card each month. We keep all credit card information confidential and secure in our system.

Note: Your first payment will cover the first presentation and will be taken upon signing up.  Future payments will be processed monthly from the date you originally signed up.


What can I expect from the private group? 

Support and discussion! This group will be for members to digest the information from the presentations, brainstorm ways to use it, share stories of what’s working and what isn’t, ask for ideas and advice, and to receive the follow-up information from each speaker. 

Key Notes On Travel will moderate the group, to ensure it stays relevant and on topic.


What will the speaker follow up look like?

Key Notes On Travel will send the presenter questions, comments and situations that we discuss in the group. These will get answered in a Facebook Live session.

Is there a contractual commitment?

Not at all. If you’re not happy, you can cancel your membership at any time. But, we do encourage you to check out at least two or three presentations as each topic will be different.


How do I reach customer service?

Our customer service is available by phone from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. PST, Monday to Friday. You can also reach us by email at


Double-KNOT Guarantee

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If you’re not KNOT-happy (see what we did there?!), you can cancel your membership at any time.

To make joining an easy decision, we require no contract to get started. Simply contact our customer service team by phone or e-mail!

So, what are you waiting for?!


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