November 13: Authentically Social - Because people don't hire a travel advisor, they hire YOU
Duration: 60 minutes

With 10+ years as a digital marketing consultant, Corey Perlman will share how to bridge the gap between your personal and professional brand on social media.  There are pitfalls to avoid and challenges to overcome, but the advantages far outweigh the negatives. 

Topics to be covered include:
- Which sites are worth focusing on and which are perfectly fine to ignore
- How to stay "top of mind" with travel clients and prospects
- How to highlight your travel adventures without coming off as boastful
- The proper mix of personal and travel posts
- How to turn your travel clients (happily!) into your social sales force

December 11: Follow up Q&A session directed by YOUR questions
Duration: 60 minutes

January 9: The Daily Post
Duration: 60 minutes

Content creation strategies that win attention, fuel engagement and drive results  

 A step by step strategy to efficiently and effectively post compelling content to your social networks on a daily basis. Stay ‘top of mind’ with your travel clients and prospects month in and month out without frustrating our annoying them. 

 Topics to be covered include: 
- A list of content categories for each day of the week  
- The proper mix of images, video and written content 
- How to turn one article or video into a week’s worth of content 
- Best practices for curating content from outside sources 
- Do’s and Don’ts when deploying a daily posting strategy