Past Speakers

November 2018 - January 2019: Corey Perlman, Social Media & Digital Marketing Speaker

In today’s digital world, the entire sales process can happen online. From finding perspective travellers, to educating them on your value, to staying connected during their trip, it can all be done from behind a screen. You can choose to ignore the evolution of the sales process or master it! The choice is yours…. Click to learn more about what Corey has to offer!

September - November 2018: Phil Gwoke, From Handshake to Hashtag: Selling to Different Generations

The best advisors need a clear understanding of who the generations are in today’s marketplace, how they differ, and how their unique needs play out in the travel-buying process. This presentation helps audiences understand which sales approaches and techniques appeal to each of the four generations by demystifying generational marketing and offering hands-on advice for travel advisors who want to think in new ways about reaching these diverse demographics of customers and clients. Click to learn more about Phil!

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