Professional Development

Where Have All the Visionaries Gone?
Jennifer Hubbert

Words by Deanna Byrne GOING INTO ANY NEW YEAR, it is normal to step back and take stock of how far we have come, what got us here and how we could have done things differently. We begin designing a road...

How to Remain Productive While Dealing With Multiple Interruptions
Jennifer Hubbert

This spring, Key Notes On Travel examined time management with productivity expert Neen James. During her first webinar, a travel advisor asked how she might address the challenge of balancing inbound demands (email, telephone, web inquiries) with walk-in clients. Here's Neen's sage advice...

A Time Management Expert Tells Us How to Get People to Better Value Our Time
Jennifer Hubbert

Do you find yourself sitting with the awful feeling that your time is being wasted? Do you ever think to yourself, people just don't seem to value my time!? Are people chronically making multiple asks of you that you feel won't...

[Quiz] Determine Your Productivity Style to Find Out When You're Most Efficient
Jennifer Hubbert

This quarter, Key Notes On Travel is examining time management with productivity expert Neen James. In her first of two webinars, Neen identified two productivity styles that have implications for anyone working on a team. "When you run a team, it...

Announcing Canadian Traveller's Top 40 Under 40

The team at Canadian Traveller and CT Magazine is pleased to announce our Top 40 Under 40 for 2018. An impressive 150 nominations were submitted, showcasing the success and contributions of individuals from various segments of the travel industry and country-wide.

How to not be afraid of clients
Voyager Websites

The relationship between you and your clients reflects the temperament of your travel practice. The more open you are, the more easily you encounter your clients and the more gracefully you carry your industry knowledge, the better your relationships. The...

10 ways to earn more commission as a travel agent

A lot of travel agents believe that the answer to increasing their earnings is to generate more leads and sell more packages. While that is true, that also means more work, and if you are already busy, then taking on...

10 simple ways to avoid negative tone in e-mail conversations
Yogeshree Tawde

  We are all working in an environment where we spend a lot of time in reading and replying to e-mails and it's safe to say that if we can be effective in our e-mail conversations, we can end up saving a good amount of time. We may have to convey a...

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